Chemical testing and analysis for farmers

Hone makes it easy to test the chemical properties of soil, crops and grain samples in real time

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Hone Lab

Putting decision making in your hands. Powered by our next generation spectrometers. You can join the Hone Lab Early Access Program by submitting your soil samples to our accredited Lab Partners here

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Test your soil

Test moisture, pH, CEC and many others before you sow

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Test your leaf

Check nitrogen status as your crop grows

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Test your produce

Monitor your commodity to optimise harvest and storage decisions

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Our Technology
Prophecy Mobile Prophecy Mobile

In-field testing mobile app for Classic & Hone Lab services including results dashboard

Prophecy Web Prophecy Web

Next generation chemometrics cloud software, built on powerful machine learning ensembles to power in-field and benchtop testing

Hone Lab Hone Lab

Advanced opto-electronic design to bring high-resolution spectroscopy into the field

Prophecy Web

Prophecy Web

Create your own testing applications using our cloud based chemometric platform powered by the Hone machine learning suite. Join our community of developers to get started.

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Hone Community

Lab Partners

We partner with accredited labs that can provide high quality test results to our users

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Development Partners

Our development partners create sophisticated models that anyone can use to make predictions in-field.

Want to develop and distribute your own models?

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