Submit your soil samples to join the HoneLab Early Access Program.

Hone is building a national soil database to enable precise calibration for in-field HoneLab devices. By submitting your samples to the database, the calibrations will include your farm and you’ll be the first to be notified of HoneLab pre-sales.

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What's the process?

Why test with us?

  1. In order to build the most accurate calibrations for the HoneLab devices, our test results are generated through independent and accredited labs, held to the highest standard. These are the results that will be delivered to you.
  2. Your samples will be included in the national soil database to ensure the HoneLab calibrations include your soil types and locations.
  3. Costs are subsidised by Hone's R&D program so we can deliver a great price to you.

What can I test for?

Soil components measured by the two tests are as follows:

Essential Package ($60 + GST)

  • pH (water)
  • pH (CaCl2)
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Sulfur (KCl40)
  • Colwell P
  • PBI + ColP
  • Organic Carbon
  • Total Nitrogen
  • CEC (effective)

Comprehensive Package ($95 + GST)

(All items listed in the essential test plus the below)

  • Moisture as received
  • Moisture (Air-Dried)
  • Exchangeable Aluminium
  • Exchangeable Calcium
  • Exchangeable Potassium
  • Exchangeable Magnesium
  • Exchangeable Sodium
  • Calcium/ Magnesium
  • Aluminium Saturation
  • Exchangeable Calcium Percent
  • Exchangeable Potassium Percent
  • Exchangeable Magnesium Percent
  • Exchangeable Sodium Percent
  • Phosphorus (BSES-P)
  • KCl Extractable NH4-N
  • KCl Extractable NO3-N
  • Chloride
  • Extract. Boron
  • DTPA Cu
  • DTPA Zn
  • DTPA Mn
  • DTPA Fe

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To join the program, you will need to download the app and provide your mailing address to receive 20 pre-barcoded sample bags.

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